In House

I take great delight in presenting my clients and sharing their work with you here. I hope that you’ll enjoy your meander through the House of Ren site: a portal to the worlds of the artists I represent.  In the expression of their work, these artists embody pure art. Though they are each unique in their own way, you’ll find the common threads of skill, creativity and experience, combined with an exceptional ability to take a brief to a place further than could ever have been imagined.

Collectively my clients have worked in the United Kingdom, Republic of Ireland, Germany, Holland, France, Spain, United States of America, Canada, South Africa, Australia, Japan and Mauritius. They all have a range of experience and shine with their individual and distinctive styles.

I am always surprised, amazed and awed by the work they do and I feel deeply privileged to be helping them on their magical journeys. Contract negotiations, logistics, financial administration, business matters and advice on career decisions: I tailor these and other services to meet each artist’s individual need. This personal touch, versatility and flexibility provide essential peace of mind to my clients, freeing up their time to focus exclusively on the creative process.

Artistic Directors, Producers and Directors who’d like to meet with my clients or would like to discuss potential collaboration on future projects, do drop me a line. I’ll make it happen.

If you’re an artist who feels you could benefit from a bespoke artist management service, please contact me to talk about what you need. Let’s see how I can help you.

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René Coetzer
Director & Artist Manager