Second design collaboration with Annalisa Terranova (Italy/London). An interactive video design or Operetta “A Sign in the Dark” based on the philosophical 1970’s story of Q by Italian writer, Calvino, from his cosmos series.

This piece was largely performed by an offbeat operatic trio…As digital projections drifted across the stone ruins. D’Souza’s baritone added a bold tonal layer to Williamson’s countertenor. Meanwhile the otherworldly narrator, Felicity Turner electrified the hall with her opulent mezzo-soprano.

This was a brave new world of dissonant music, visual and audio mash-up of neoclassicism with a new wave feel.
– Digital Theatre Review

The composer used lots of different sounds and required lots of extended techniques from the orchestra – but it all fit together. The lighting and costumes were also clever – at the beginning the flickering of lights matched the barely there violin.

The light effects were integral to the story – later on a dramatic influx of light, matched by the music, caused a big reaction from the performers.
Planet Hugill
– Classical Review