Dane Hurst Media Hype

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The second seam of gold was Dane Hurst’s O’dabo inspired by Nelson Mandela (and his experience of solitary confinement) . Hurst himself dances the piece, a creation of huge emotional power and virtuoso technique. With his muscular, rounded body, he produced one of the most stunning openings to a dance sequence that I have ever seen.

Shelly Pinto-Duschinsky – Bachtrack


Dane Hurst’s O’dabo, which ended the evening on a high note…. The dancer is first seen from behind and at a distance. His bowed, almost hulking back, whitened with powder, is the body made strange. As a dancer, the now thirty-year-old Dane Hurst would seem naturally to be a creature of the air. O’dabo pits this against earthbound trembling and shudders…. Over the course of the piece, the powder is partly shaken off to reveal the dancer’s darker skin underneath. It was a dance that the audience surged forward to applaud.

John O’Dwyer – Seen and Heard International, 19 Dec 2014

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