Declan Randall

Lighting and Set Designer

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Award winning lighting designer Declan Randall’s work has been integral to over 250 productions across the globe. The UK, Europe, America, Canada, South Africa, Asia and Australia have been treated to his unique approach:

In the right light, at the right time, everything is extraordinary.

Declan not only holds a degree in Stage Lighting Design and Arts Administration, he also won a scholarship to attend Broadway Lighting Masterclass (New York) and has published a book, Theatrical Lighting and Design: Making the Light Fantastic. His secret pleasure is animation.

He is versatile and experienced in all performance genres: Theatre, Dance, Musicals and Opera. But, it is Declan’s down to earth approach, collaborative spirit and enthusiasm for innovation that set him apart. He thrives on challenges and contributes his skill and imagination with great energy towards achieving the creative team’s vision.

He sees light as a performer, playing its part, and believes that synchronicity (between the performance and the lighting) is achieved when every single cue is perfectly placed, perfectly timed and perfectly executed.

Declan is captivated, both intellectually and creatively, by the symbiotic relationship between the show and the stage lighting. See how he explores this. Come this way to his website.

View Declan’s Gallery of work

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