Jamie Griffiths

Conceptual Artist, Film Director, Photographer, Performer, Educator

Award Winning Creator of Multi-Media Unique Experiences

Jamie is an award winning interdisciplinary conceptual artist, film director and designer. She designs audio, video and lighting performances and interactive installations, creating unique experiences for audiences and performers, artists and art appreciators.

Specialist Knowledge of Isadora Software

Jamie’s work sees her on stage, manipulating and working cameras, sound and lighting. Her specialist knowledge of Isadora Software, along with consistent invention and research, is integrated in her creation of evocative and daring experimental performance tools and digital environments.

Jamie won much acclaim as well as the Canadian Capital Critics Theatre Choice Design award for her design of the Edward Curtis Project, written and directed by Marie Clements:

The first point to be made about The Edward Curtis Project is that the production itself is exquisite.

Powerfully Challenging – the design is superb.

Surreal Stage Settings & Landscapes

DMX theatre lights, video productions and sound go towards creating Jamie’s surreal stage settings and environments. In these interactive landscapes, powered by advanced technologies, performers trigger atmospheric changes through movement and sound. Jamie has made it possible to include interactive elements for live improvisation into otherwise staged works. She has also designed and performed in wholly improvised shows, such as Gesture 4 for the International Festival Musique in Quebec, and adds to the visual expression of performances by orchestras and music ensembles with live films.

No Limits Attitude

Jamie brings a wealth of real-world design experience to every project and supreme professionalism and dedication to her craft underpin her “no limits” attitude to her work.

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