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Flyboy is alone again this Christmas

Matthew Robins’s charming, sometimes heartbreaking little stories are delivered as adult shadow-puppet operas, comprising homemade cardboard figures and sets, and accompanied by a superb eight-piece band. They create a complete world, one that’s full of loss and unrequited love, but with a surreal and occasionally snappy humour …. The whole thing feels like watching a silent movie in which every aspect has been created by a wayward child genius. GUARDIAN

Beauty and the Beast National Theatre

Matthew Robins skillfully advances the narrative through a series of silhouettes that have something of the deft wit of Picasso sketches. GUARDIAN

Something Very Far Away

Something Very Far Away

It can be said with some certainty that this is a theatrical experience unlike any you will have had before. Matthew Robins’s design and animation is exceptional. The techniques in use are constantly changing but seamlessly mixed, providing angles and effects of which any animated film-maker would be proud. The possibility to glance away from the action on the main screen to watch the creative processes involved reminds us, however, that this is all being done live. WhatsOnStage

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