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Both The Table and The Miser have garnered international interest because of their reinvention of a South African perception. These two pieces define Sylvaine as a creator of new work, with an eye skilled at re-fashioning timeless classics so as to give them new meaning in theatre today.

Sylvaine Strike - The Miser


Director Sylvaine Strike chose our era of fiscal distress to stage Moliere’s dark tragic-comedy, which through its terrifyingly haunting final image, will have you judging your money-lust the next time you catch yourself staring wistfully into an empty wallet…Moliere is back from 1668. Artslink

Director Sylvaine Strike has brought to life the 1668 play The Miser, and managed to give it relevance and spunk one wouldn’t expect. The costumes are fabulous, the acting sublime, and the lessons no less true today than they were centuries ago. Oh, and not to mention that razor-sharp script. The Daily Maverick

The Work of this ensemble makes this one of the most sophisticated and luminous theatre experiences of the decade. Die Beeld

Sylvaine Strike time and again blows everyone away, this time with a fantastic interpretation of The Miser. She know how to pick them – from the cast to those especially striking Strike moments that keep you smiling or wiping away a tear long after you leave the theatre. The Star

Illusion and reality, the past and the present, go hand in hand in Sylvaine Strike’s audacious reconfiguring of theatre lore…Miss Molière’s The Miser and you are sacrificing the South African production of the year (any year).
The Star

The clockwork precision of every movement and gesture in this production is a wonderful foil to the sharpness of Moliere’s language and thinking. William Kentridge

Winner of 4 Naledi Awards including Best Production of a Play and Best Director 2012.

Sylvaine Stike - The Table


There are plenty of warm embraces, a dreamy pace that references Chagall’s floating elders and lovers. Mail & Guardian

The direction was superb and the interjections of pure physical expression, intertwined with the plot, made the performance something out of the ordinary and a visually compelling spectacle. Grahamstown Now

…this innovating and moving production is spellbinding. Evocative and circular weavings of sand, wood and memory unfold. CUE

…this is no static sit down affair: the action is as fluid as the tempers and emotions that flare up around the dinner table – which has its own extraordinary story to tell…as a darkly humorous snapshot of how internecine skeletons can be exposed and overcome, this play managers to fling the family silver onto the table with a satisfying clatter. Business Day


In typical Strike fashion, there’s a fragile balance as she beckons to the audience to enter this peculiar world. Coupé is like a fine poem that might just drift off and disappear into the night if you don’t jump on. But beware, it catches you and holds on very tightly with all the emotions swirling you quite surreptitiously. Diane de Beer The Star.

‘The brilliance of Sylvaine Strike and Fortune Cookie Company’s conceptual flight into eccentricity lies in the delicate crafting, its subtle nuances, its carefully honed physicality meshed with resonating emotion. It’s the wildly imaginative use of special restriction, the word play and the collision of cultures, which is so captivating. An unmissable journey.’ Adrienne Siechel.


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