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Find out more about underground opera from Gestalt Arts in Peckham.

Second design collaboration with Annalisa Terranova (Italy/London). An interactive video design or Operetta “A Sign in the Dark” based on the philosophical 1970’s story of Q by Italian writer, Calvino, from his cosmos series.

This piece was largely performed by an offbeat operatic trio…As digital projections drifted across the stone ruins. D’Souza’s baritone added a bold tonal layer to Williamson’s countertenor. Meanwhile the otherworldly narrator, Felicity Turner electrified the hall with her opulent mezzo-soprano. This was a brave new world of dissonant music, visual and audio mash-up of neoclassicism with a new wave feel. Digital Theatre Review

The composer used lots of different sounds and required lots of extended techniques from the orchestra – but it all fit together. The lighting and costumes were also clever – at the beginning the flickering of lights matched the barely there violin. The light effects were integral to the story – later on a dramatic influx of light, matched by the music, caused a big reaction from the performers. Planet Hugill Classical Review

Wild New Territories – London

This disconnect between sight and sound is neatly exploited by Jamie Griffiths, Diego Samper and Rob Scharein whose collaboratively produced installation introduces the sounds of the Amazon rainforest into this little patch of north London green.

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